Saturday, February 6, 2016

1600s Families portrayed indoors

 1601 Mary Towneley (1541-1606) in 1557, married her cousin, John Towneley of Towneley Hall, Lancashire (1528-1607). They had 14 children

In English portraiture, the Elizabethan style of Nicholas Hilliard (1547–1619) & such contemporaries as Robert Peake the Elder (active 1576–1626) remained current in England well into the 17C.  This style, which portrayed children as miniature adults, was common throughout much of Europe.

1610 Unidentified Flemish artist The Del Prado Family

1620 Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish artist, 1577-1640) Family of Jan Brueghel the Elder

Cornelis de Vos (Flemish painter, c 1584-1651) Family Portrait

 1620s After Cornelis de Vos (Flemish painter, c 1584-1651) Family Portrait

 1621 Cornelis de Vos (Flemish painter, c 1584-1651) The Artist with his Family

 1623 Anthony van Dyck (Flemish artrist, 1599-1641) Family of Lomelini

1628 Unknown British artist, The Holme Family

1631 Hendrik Gerritsz Pot (1585-1657) Charles I & Henrietta Maria & Children

Cornelis de Vos (Flemish painter, c 1584-1651) Anthony Reyniers & Family

 1630-35 Cornelis de Vos (Flemish painter, c 1584-1651)  The Family of the Artist

 1630s Cornelis de Vos (Flemish painter, c 1584-1651) Family Portrait

1600s George Jamesone (Scottish painter, 1589–1644) Self Portrait of the Artist, His Wife and Child

 1631 Cornelis de Vos (Flemish painter, c 1584-1651)  Family Portrait

With the arrival of Anthony Van Dyck (1599–1641) at the court of Charles I in 1632, British portraiture took a turn toward the baroque that changed the course of British & colonial American painting in the 17C & 18C.

1634 Jan Miense Molenaer (1610-1668)  A Family Making Music

1634 Jan Olis (Dutch artist, c 1610-1676) Dutch Family in an Interior

1635 Anthonie Palamedesz (1601-1673)  A Family Portrait

1636 David des Granges (British artist, 1611-1670s) The Saltonstall Family

1640 Hendrick Cornelisz.van Vliet (1611-1675) Michiel van der Dussen and His Family

 1640s Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp (Dutch artist, 1594 – 1650) Abel Janszoon Tasman (1603-1659) and his Family

 1642-44 Unknown artist, Anne of Austria, Regent, Louis XIV and Philippe, Duc d'Anjou

1640s Petrus Troueil (British artist) Sir Francis Ottley (1600-1649) and Family

1643-45 attr Edward Bower (British artist, 1597-1667) Speaker William Lenthall (1591–1662), and His Family

The Elizabethan style had almost been completely replaced in England by the 1670s quickly giving way to a more volumetric style. In the British American colonies, this transition was copied through imported engravings after Peter Lely (1617–1680) & Godfrey Kneller (1648–1723).

 1655 John Michael Wright (English artist, 1617‑1694) Mary, Duchess of Lennox and Richmond with her children, Esmé and Mary Stuart

 1656 Barent Fabritius (Dutch artist, 1624 – 1673) Willem van der Helm (ca 1625-75), his wife Belytgen Cornelisdr van de Schelt with Child

 1660s Nicolaes Maes (Dutch artist, 1634-1693) Interior with a Dordrecht Family

1665 Unknown English artist, Alderman George Crowle (1613–1682), and His Family

1665-70 Unknown artist JH, The Chorley Family of Preston

 1669 Hendrick ten Oever (Dutch artist, 1639-1716) Family Portrait

1695 attr John Baptist de Medina (Spanish artist, 1659-1710) The Family of John Hay (1626–1697), 1st Marquess Tweeddale, Lord High Chancellor of Scotland