Sunday, April 10, 2016

A few 18C British-American colonial women & children with sheep

1730-1735 Attributed to Gerardus Duyckinck (American colonial era artist, 1695-1749) De Peyster Girl with Lamb. This daughter of Abraham, Jr., and Margareta (Van Cortlandt) De Peyster is either Catharine (1724-1804) or Margareta (1728-80). The former became Mrs. John Livingston, and later, Mrs. William Axtell. The artist relied heavily on English mezzotints for his models, as did many colonial painters of the first half of the 18C.

1735 Gerardus Duyckinck (Amerian colonial era artist, 1695-1749) Portrait Of Franks Children with Lamb

1753 John Singleton Copley (American, artist, 1738–1815) John Greenleaf 1717-1778

1754 Joseph Blackburn (American colonial era artist, 1700-1780) Mary Sylvester

1756 John Singleton Copley (American colonial era painter, 1738-1815) Ann Tyning (Mrs Thomas Smelt) Lower left: J:S: Copley pinx 1756

1764  John Singleton Copley (American, artist, 1738–1815)  Elizabeth Gray Otis (Mrs. Samuel Alleyne Otis)

1766 John Durand (American colonial era artist, 1731-1805) Mary Beekman

1770 Cosmo Alexander (American colonial era artist, 1724-1772) Girl with a Lamb