Friday, April 15, 2016

Bathing Outdoors in 1600-1700s Britain & Europe

 Cornelis van Poelenburgh (Dutch artist, 1594-1667) Women Bathing in Landscape

 Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch artist, 1606-1669) A Woman Bathing in a Stream

 Attr to Adam Pynacker (Dutch artist, 1620-1673) Landscape with Figures Bathing

 Hendrick ten Oever (1639-1716) Canal Landscape with Figures Bathing

 Johan van Haensbergen (Dutch artist, 1642-1705) A Classical Landscape with Women Bathing

 Jan Frans van Bloemen (Flemish artist, 1652-1749) A Classical Landscape with Ladies Bathing near a Fountain

Attr to Pieter van Bloemen (Flemish artist, 1657-1720) A Riverside Town with High Embankment Walls, Figures Bathing and Traders with their Horses on the Mudflats

 Nicolas Lancret (French artist, 1690-1743) Women Bathing

 Jean-Baptiste Pater (French artist, 1695–1736) Bathing Party in a Park 1730s

 Joseph Frans Nollekens (Flemish artist, 1706-1748) Park Scene with Ladies Bathing

 After Richard Wilson (British artist, 1713-14 - 1782) Lake Nemi with Figures Bathing

Georg Heinrich Hergenröder (German artist, 1736-1794) Ladies Bathing

 François Boucher (French painter, 1703–1770) Bathers in a Stream

William Taverner (English artist, 1703-1772) Women Bathing

Benjamin West (American-born British painter, 1738-1820) The Bathing Place at Ramsgate 1788 detail