Friday, April 8, 2016

New Roses for the Garden !!

Miniature of the Lover outside the Castle of Jealousy, where Bel Accueil (Fair Welcome) is imprisoned by Jealousy, from Roman de la Rose, Netherlands (Bruges), c. 1500, Harley MS 4425, f. 39r

Very excited!  Went out yesterday & bought 20 new rose bushes for our gardens.


  1. You are a terrible tease.

    Which roses did you get?


  2. Got the Star Double Knock Out roses in red, abt 2 1/2 ft high already. Twenty plants to plant at the edge of the 4 vegetable beds in back just below the wooden ledge of the retaining wall separating the small grass lawn from the vegetable & herb gardens abt 2-3 ft below. Husband can no longer plant the 32 large pots of flowers that sat as an effective barrier along the top of the wooden ledge to keep folks from walking right off the edge & falling 2 ft into the vegetables & herbs. Now they will fall into rose thorns. Husband loves flowers in bloom. This might do it without much maintenance. Hope so, anyway. Gave the flower pots to our daughter-in-law. She will treasure them as he did.