Sunday, May 29, 2016

17C British Garden Fountains - Arcady & The Garden of Love

John Michael Wright (1617-1694) Miss Butterworth of Belfield Hall

In these paintings eligible daughters  & worthy wives are depicted in the mythical land of Arcady, a popular allegory of the period. At the center of Arcady is a Garden of Love, where a figure of Cupid often sits atop a fountain.  A young woman posed in this setting is usually placing her hand in the water...this is a motif makes an allusion to her potential as a worthy wife and mother, recalling Proverbs, chapter 5, verse 18 "Let thy fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of thy youth." 

1661 Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, 1637 - 1671 lets the waters of a cupid garden fountain pour over her hand. She eventually became the 1st wife of James VII and II.

 Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) Portrait of a Lady

Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) Portrait Of Diana, Countess Of Ailesbury

Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Egerton (1653-1709) sitting next to a garden fountain somehow adorned with drapery

Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) Unknown Lady at a garden fountain

1671-80 Style of Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) The Duchess of Lauderdale

1650 Attr David Des Granges (British artist, in 1611-c.1671) Portrait of Elizabeth, Countess of Carnarvon (1633-1678)

Godfrey Kneller (German-born English artist, 1646-1723) Susannah Anlaby (d.1715), Mrs Foote Onslow

 1715 Lady Henrietta Crofts, Duchess of Bolton by a fountain

Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) A Lady dips her arm in the garden fountain while a dog and child stand nearby