Monday, May 16, 2016

Tips from Henry VIII's personal 14C gardening manual

From tasty lettuce to prize pumpkins - top tips from Henry VIII's own gardening manual.

Illustration from Ruralia Commoda.

Henry loved jousting, he dissolved monasteries, and he got married a lot of times; but Henry VIII was also a keen gardener. Here are five top tips for horticultural success from his personal gardening manual:

1 Planting lettuce and radish seeds inside a ball of goat manure will result in the tastiest crop

2 Make sure your grafting knife has a ring or hole in it so you can hang it from your girdle

3 The garden should be surrounded by suitably high walls to keep out unwanted visitors

4 The best garden seat is one formed of turf, that's flowering and most pleasant

5 The trick to growing prize pumpkins and gourds is to use the ashes of human bones as a fertiliser

Henry's manual actually was written during the 14C and given to him by his chaplain. Known as Ruralia Commoda it is presently on display at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

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