Monday, July 4, 2016

1500s-1800s Where did all those Fireworks originate?

1579 Fireworks -  Castello S. Angelo di Roma con la girandola by Nicolaus van Aelst, Rome

Grand festivals transformed European cities from the 16C to 18C. Coronations & royal visits; civic & religious processions; plus the signing of treaties used public spaces as a backdrop, which we often see in major cities today in worldwide New Years & American 4th of July celebrations, with breathtaking architecture illuminated by spectacular firework displays.

1642 Unknown artist, Flemish, Fireworks around the Antwerp Cathedral, engraving, in the book Pompa Introitus Honori Serenissimi Principis Ferdinandi (Antwerp 1642)

1685 Coronation of James II A representation of the Fireworks upon the River of the Thams, over against Whitehall, at their Majesties Coronation

1686 Fireworks in Brussels, when Emperor Leopold I entered the city. by Romeyn de Hooghe

 1744 Bas-Rhin Fireworks at Strasbourg

 1748 Fireworks celebrating the Treaty Of Aix La Chapelle

 1749 A View of the Fire-workes & Illuminations at his Grace the Duke of Richmond's at Whitehall on the River Thames on Monday 15 May 1749. Performed by Charles Fredrick Esq. Detail

 1763 Fireworks at Treaty of Paris Temple of Peace in London

1763 Fireworks in London at Green Park to celebrate the Treaty of Paris granting all land east of the Mississippi 1763 by Chez Mondhare, Paris 

1774-78 Firework Display at Castel Sant'Angelo

1840 The Castle and Bridge of St. Angelo, Rome. With the Grand Display of Fireworks from the Summit of the Castle and the Illumination of St. Peters.

 1845 Firework temple at Vauxhall Gardens

 1851 Fireworks at Ireland's Birr Castle, Parsonstown, the seat of the Earl of Rosse

 1854 Fireworks at the Mall, The Illustrated London News

1855 London, Fireworks, Blackheath, for Crimea victory, Bonfire & fireworks on Blackheath, to celebrate the fall of Sebastopol

1859 Bridge Palace Justice River France

1859 Fire-Works at the Brooklyn City Hall, on the Inauguration of the Water-Works, April 28, 1859.

1864 Fireworks Versailles King Consort Spain The Illustrated London News

 1866 Festivities Venice Fireworks Illuminations Piazzetta Italy Gondolas Illustrated London News

1883 The Great Bridge - Fireworks and Illumination from the Brooklyn Side by Charles Graham Harper's Weekly