Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Celebrations in early 19C Philadelphia by John Lewis Krimmel 1786-1821

John Lewis Krimmel (German-born American artist, 1786-1821) Fourth of July in Centre Square Philadelphia, 1812

John Lewis Krimmel (German-born American artist, 1786-1821) 4th of July 1819 in Philadelphia

Artist John Lewis Krimmel was born in Ebingen, Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1787, and accidentally drowned near German-town, Pennsylvania, in July of 1821. He came to Philadelphia in 1809, to engage in business with his brother but soon abandoned the business to concentrate on his art. He began by painting portraits, but a copy of Wilkie's "Blind Fiddler" caught his attention; & he turned to humorous subjects. Krimmel gathered information for his paintings in the American countryside around Philadelphia by observing local habits, rituals, & ceremonies. Even though he copied most of his image formats from British prints made after paintings by the satirical artists William Hogarth & David Wilkie, he kept his subject matter familiar to his potential audience & customers at the Pennsylvania Academy & surrounding area. He also painted more serious historical pictures, & at the time of his death he had just received a commission to paint a large canvas on the landing of William Penn. Krimmel was president of the Society of American artists.

John Lewis Krimmel (German-born American artist, 1786-1821) Members of the City Troup and other Philadelphia Soldiery