Monday, August 22, 2016

Parasols for Sun & Umbrellas for Rain - across the Atlantic...

Francisco Goya (Spanish artist, 1746-1828) The Parasol

Joseph Wright of Derby, (British artist, 1734-1797),  The Rev. and Mrs Thomas Gisborne, of Leicestershire, 1786

Emile Bernard (French artist, 1858-1941) Breton Girls with Parasols 1892

 Edgar Degas (French artist, 1834–1917)  In the Tuileries, Woman with a Parasol

George Logan (British artist, 1866-1939) Lady in a punt boat with a parasol

 Gustave Courbet (French artist, 1819-1877) Woman with Parasol

Joseph Farquharson (British artist, 1846-1935) The Parasol

Albert Aublet (French artist, 1851-1938) Sur La Plage, Le Treport (1887)

Claude Monet (French painter, 1840-1926) Ladies on the Beach with Parasols

 Albert Lynch (Peruvian artist, 1851-1912) A Summer Stroll 1864

Bernard Dorotheus Folkestad  (1879-1933) Mildred with Parasol, 1918

Esther Borough Johnson (British artist, 1867-1949) Tea Table in the Garden, 1925

Giovanni Boldini (Italian artist, 1842-1931) The Summer Stroll

Giovanni Boldini (Italian artist, 1842-1931) Woman With A Parasol 1872

Henri Matisse (French artist, 1869–1954)

 John Lavery (Irish artist, 1856-1941)  Summer

Margaret Tarrant (English Illustrator, 1888-1959)

William Logsdail (British artist, 1859-1944)

Alfred Stevens (Belgian artist, 1828-1906) In the Country (with a parasol)

Arthur Hopkins (British artist, 1848-1930) Woman by the Sea

Jules Bastien-Lepage (French artist, 1848–1884) Girl with a Parasol

Axel Ender (Norwegian artist, 1853-1920) In Expectation

Pierre Auguste Renoir (Fench artist, 1841-1919). Girl with a Parasol (Aline Nunes) 1883

 Matej Sternen (Sloven artist, 1870-1949)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French painter, 1841-1919)

George Frederic Watts (English artist, 1817-1904) Eveleen Tennant

William John Leech (Irish artist, 1881-1968) The Sunshade 1913

Gustave Claude Étienne Courtois (French painter, 1859-1923) Anne Marie Walter 1878

Henri Matisse (French artist, 1869-1954) Conversation under the Olive Trees.

Joseph Caraud (French artist, 1821-1905) The Red Parasol

Max Pechstein. (German artist, 1881-1955) Girl in Red with a Parasol, 1909

Paul Sérusier (French artist, 1864-1927)  Madame Serusier with a Parasol, 1912

Percy Tarrant (British artist, 1879-1930) A Lady with a Parasol

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French painter, 1841-1919) The Parasol 1878

Alfred James Munnings (British Painter, 1878-1959) The White Canoe on the Stour at Dedham

 1921 Henri Matisse (French artist, 1869–1954) Reading woman with a Parasol