Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Fans - 19C & 20C American

James Carroll Beckwith (American artist, 1852-1917) Afternoon Idyll

By the late 1800s, fans were part of the Japonisme props used by American artists.  Japonisme is the influence of Japanese art, fashion, & aesthetics on Western culture.  Japonisme was a term first applied to art in the 1870s.  And, of course, fans were suggested by other cultures as well.

John Toole (American painter, 1815-1860) Elizabeth H S Burton 

William Jennys 1774-1858 Woman with a Fan

Cephas Giovanni Thompson (American artist, 1809 – 1888) Young Lady in a Blue Dress  

Lee Lufkin Kaula (American, 1865-1957). The Black Fan

Winslow Homer (1836-1910) Detail Spanish Girl with Fan

Francis Luis Mora (Uruguayan-born American Painter, 1874-1940) Mercedes

Of course, there were fans in American paintings before the influence of Japanese culture.

Louise Howland King Cox (American painter, 1865-1945)

De Scott Evans (American artist, 1847 – 1898) The Connoisseur

Edwin Howland Blashfield (American artist , 1848 – 1936) Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Hamilton Hamilton (American artist, 1847 – 1928) Woman with a Fan

James Wells Champney (American artist, 1843 – 1903) The Fan

Guy Pene du Bois (American painter, 1894-1958) Singer with a Fan 1912