Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A few intriguing 16C hats

1530 Lady by Lucas Cranach the Elder

c 1490 Master of Moulins, Margaret of Austria

1515 Isabella Hapsburg of Austria, attr to the Master of the Legend of Mary Magdalene, fl. 1480-1537

Gian Giacomo de Alladio, also known as Macrino d'Alba (c. 1460-65- 1528) 1520 Anna d’Alençon

Jan Gossaert (Jan Mabuse, Jennyn van Hennegouwe), (Flemish artist, c 1472-1532.) A Young Princess Perhaps Dorothea of Denmark

c 1506-19 Lorenzo Lotto (Venitian artist, c 1480–1556) Portrait of Lucina Bremabati. Her fashionable Venetian headwear, capigliara, is scrupulously detailed—the fake hair plaited & secured with yellow silk bows, the coronet of pearls concealing the line of attachment to her own hair.

1525 Bernardino Luini (Italian artist, 1485-1532) Portrait of a Lady

1525 Laura Pisani by Dosso Dossi (Italian painter, c 1490–1542), actually Giovanni di Niccolò de Luteri

1530s Paris Bordone (Italian artist, 1500-1571) Portrait Of A Woman with a Child

1555-60 Angnolo Bronzino, Agnolo di Cosimo, (Italian Mannerist artist, 1503-1572) Laura Battiferri, a poetess, wife of Bartolomeo Ammanati the sculptor.

1510 Vittore Carpaccio (c. 1460–1526) Portrait of a Woman c 1510

1545-1550 St Cecelia Circle of Ambrosius Benson Detail

1573 Lady Kytson by George Gower (1540-1596)

1577 Elizabeth Knollys, Lady Layton after George Gower

1577 Julich, Princess of Cleve and Berg by an Unknown Artist

1596 Joan, 1st wife of Edward Alleyn by an artist of the British School

1500s Katherine Parr (c 1512-1548) Last wife of Henry VIII

1579 Margarethe Elisabeth von Ansbach-Bayreuth in München

1560 Catherine of Aragon by English school

1599 Lady Agnes Douglas by Adrian Vanson

1595 Frances Howard, Countess of Somerset by Isaac Oliver