Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Few of Fall's Lavender Moments

Gustave Van de Woestijne (Belgian artist, 1881-1947) MSK Boerinnetje 1913

Jean Édouard Vuillard (French painter, 1868-1940) Old Woman in Front of the Fireplace 1895

Mary Bradish Titcomb (American painter, 1858-1927) The Lady in Lavender

Louise Abbéma (French artist, 1853-1927) la Élégante, Place de la Concorde 1897

Guy Orlando Rose (American painter, 1867-1925) My Sister Maud

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (German painter, 1805-1873) Countess Alexander Nikolaevitch Lamsdorff

John Singer Sargent (American painter, 1856-1925) Mrs Frank Millet