Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thomas Nast's 1st image of Uncle Sam - "Thanksgiving Dinner - Come One, Come All, Free and Equal."

Thomas Nast's First Image of Uncle Sam - Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving Dinner - Come One, Come All- Free and Equal

Thomas Nast (German-born American artist, 1840-1902) was a German-born American caricaturist & editorial cartoonist. While Uncle Sam does not show the top hat & striped pants that we have come to associate with him, he shows something much more important in this image.  In this image, Uncle Sam is a symbol of unity & equality. The image shows many people welcomed at Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving table . . . Black, White, Chinese, & Indian, as wall as many other immigrants are seen sitting around the table.   The image is captioned, "Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving Dinner; Come One, Come All, Free and Equal." The image clearly shows that Uncle Sam was originally a symbol of freedom, & equality.  Uncle Sam was a unifying symbol.