Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Food & Drink- Englishman Thomas Tusser (1520-1580) on Christmas Food

At Christmas play and make cheer
For Christmas comes but once a year
Good bread and good drink, a good fire in the hall
Brawn, pudding and souse, and good mustard withall:
Beef, mutton and pork, shred pies of the best:
Pig, veal, goose and capon and turkey well drest:
Cheese, apples and nuts, jolly carols to hear,
As then in the country is counted good cheer.
       Thomas Tusser (c. 1520-1580)

A 1614 Edition of Tusser's 1573 enlarged version.

Thomas Tusser was an East Anglian writer on agriculture, whose metrical Five Hundrethe Pointes of Good Husbandrie (1573), an enlarged version of his A Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie (1557), went into numerous editions.