Tuesday, January 24, 2017

18C American Women & Children

1726 John Watson (1685-1768). Thysje (Mrs James Henderson) with Margaret, Tessie and James II.

1729 John Smibert (1688-1751). Mrs Francis Brinley & son Francis. The Metropolitan Museum of Art tells us that Deborah Lyde, Mrs. Francis Brinley (1698–1761) was the daughter of Edward & Catherine Lyde.. When she married Francis Brinley in 1718, she was a woman of wealth & social prominence. An entry in Smibert's notebook dated May 1729, identifies the infant as the Brinley's son Francis (1729–1816). Mrs. Brinley holds a sprig of orange blossoms, a gesture which may have been taken from an 18C print by Sir Peter Lely. The white orange blossom symbolizes both marriage & purity, while the fruit, a sign of fertility, emphasizes Mrs. Brinley's role as a mother. Orange trees, although fashionable in Europe, were expensive rarities in the colonies. The presence of one here reinforces the sitter's wealth. 

1693 Mezzotint by John Smith (1652-1743) after Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723). Duchess of Ormonde and Earl of Ossory. (English mezzotint as the basis for the painting below.)

1730s Charles Bridges (1670-1747). Alice Grymes (Mrs. Mann Page II) and child. College of William & Mary.

1730s Charles Bridges (1670-1747). Mrs. Ludwell & Children.

1732 John Smibert (1688-1751). Mary Fitch (Mrs. Andrew Oliver) & son Andrew.

1741 Pieter Vanderlyn (1687-1778). Mrs. Myndert Myndertse Jannetje Persen & Sara Terra.

1750 Charles Bridges (1670-1747). Mrs Augustine Moore.

1753-54 John Wollaston (fl 1736-1767). Mrs Daniel Carroll II (1731-1763) & Daniel Carroll 1752-1790.

1755 Unknown Artist Mother and Child.

1757 John Hesselius Mrs Matthew Tiglman Anna Lloyd & dau Anna Maria (Mrs. Matthew Tiglman.)

1757 John Singleton Copley (1737-1815) Mrs Daniel Rea and Child.

1760 Joseph Blackburn (fl in the colonies 1754-1763). Mrs Isaac Winslow and Hannah.

1763 William Johnston (1732-1772). Mrs Jacob Hurd & Child.

1770 John Durand (fl 1765-1782). Martha Tucker (Mrs. Thomas Newton II).

1772 Winthrop Chandler (1747-1785). Eunice Huntington Devotion.

1773 Matthew Pratt (1734-1805). Elizabeth Gay (Mrs. Thomas Bolling) with twins Sarah & Ann.

Mrs. Samuel Mifflin & Her Granddaughter Rebecca Mifflin Francis 1777-80 Charles Willson Peale (American, Chester, Maryland 1741–1827 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) The Metropolitan Museum of Art tells us that Peale portrayed Mrs. Mifflin, born Rebecca Edgell, in the act of instructing her granddaughter in virtue & morals from an emblem book. The atmosphere of affectionate serenity with which the well-knit group is imbued probably indicates that Mrs. Mifflin was a contented, pleasant matron & a good mother to her 3 children. It also reflects Peale's own love for family life & his reverence for domestic happiness.

1786 Robert Edge Pine (1720-30-1788) Dorcas Spear (Mrs. William Patterson) and Child.

1787 Christian Gullager (1759-1826) Sarah Greenleaf Mrs Oflin Boardman & Child.

1791 Charles Peale Polk (1767-1822) Mary Hawkworth Riddell and daughter Agnes.

1795 Joseph Steward (1753-1822) Pamela Sedgwick (1753-1807) of Stockbridge MA.

1798 Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) Elizabeth Corbin (Mrs. Griffin Gatliff) & Daughter Elizabeth.

1799 Artist Bouche. (in Baltimore in 1795). Ann Ogle (Mrs. John Tayloe III) and daughters Rebecca and Henrietta.

1799 Charles Peale Polk (1767-1822) Eleanor Conway Hite and Son, James Madison Hite.

1799 John Brewster Jr. (1766-1854) Lucy Knapp Mygatt and Her Son George.

1799 Joshua Johnson (1763-1826) Ellen North (Mrs. John Moale) and Ellen.

1800 Richard Brunton (1750-1832) Mrs Reuben Humphreys of East Granby, Connecticut. Richard Brunton is believed to have deserted from the British army during the Revolution. Brunton was also an engraver of silver, bookplates & textile printing. He served jail time several times for counterfeiting & died in the Groton Poor House on September 8, 1832.)