Monday, April 23, 2018

SPRING 16-18C Children with Flowers - real & symbolic

1580s Attributed to Adriaen van der Linde  c.1560-1609

During the Renaissance 1400-1700, nature was viewed as a reflection of the divine, & flowers often were seen as reflections of Christian morals. During the Medieval period 5C - 15C, many gardens were created with spiritual & religious symbolism in mind. An intricate & almost clandestine language based on flower symbolism developed, & flowers in paintings sometimes became associated with emotion, morals, & ideology.
Symbolic & Religious Meaning of Flowers
Red Carnation = romantic love.
Daisy = innocence.
Hyacinth = prudence & peace of mind.
Iris = the Virgin Mary.
Lily = purity, virginity, & justice.
Rose = the Virgin Mary & love.
Sunflower = divine love, & devotion.
Tulip = nobility.
Violet = modesty & humility.

1582 Daniël van den Queborn (Dutch artist, 1552–1602)  Louise Juliana of Orange-Nassau aged c. 6

1600-20 English School. Girl with a Rose, Unknown Artist

1611 Frans Pourbus, Jr. (1569-1622) Queen Henrietta Maria as a child

1619 Unknown artist Four Children of Sir Thomas Lucy III and Alice Spencer (Robert, Richard, Constance and Margaret)

1600s Dutch School, early 17C. Portrait of a Young Girl

1620s Unknown artist, portrait of a Young Boy, Henry France or Wales

1623 Paulus Moreelse Girl 1623 National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

1620-30s Cornelis de Vos (Flemish artist, 1585-1651) Artist's Daughter

1621 Cornelis de Vos (Flemish artist, 1585-1651) Magdalena de Vos with an Orange & a Rose

1635 Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp (Dutch artist, 1594-1650) Three Children of Sebastiaan Francken and Jacobmijna van Casteren

1638 Willem van der Vliet (Dutch artist, c 1584-1642) Portrait of a Child

1647 Pierre Mignard (French artist, 1612-1695) The Children of the duc de Bouillon

1650 Jan Mytens (Dutch artist, c.1614-1670) Portrait of an Unknown Young Girl Seated on the Ground with a Basket of Roses

1660s Nicolaes Maes (Dutch artist, 1634-1693) Two Young Girls

1660 Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680) Winston & Arabella children of Sir Winston Churchill

1663 Jan Albertsz. Rotius (Dutch artist, 1624-1666) Portrait of a Young Girl with Carnations

1670 before Attributed to Italian Sebastiano Giuliense called Sebastiano II

1695 Unknown artist, Mary Myddelton (1688–1747) and Sir William Myddelton (1694–1718) as Children

1700s Bartholomew Dandridge (Englsih artist, 1691-c.1754) The Ballard Children

1723 Alexis Simon Belle (French artist, 1674–1734) Mariana Victoria of Spain (1718-1734) with Spring flowers in a garden by a fountain near a statue.

1730 Gerardus Duyckinck (Colonial American artist, 1695-1746) Girl in Blue Dress

1730s Charles Bridges (Colonial American artist, 1670-1747) Girls of the Grymes Family

1750 John Singleton Copley (American, artist, 1738–1815) Elizabeth Greenleaf

1755 John Singleton Copley (American artist, 1738-1815). The Gore Children

1772 Carl-Ludwig Christinek (Belarus artist, 1732–1792) Sisters