Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas Before Colonial America - 1600s England - The Merry Boys of Christmas -

Merry Boys of Christmas OR,The Milk-Maids New-Years-Gift.

When Lads and Lasses take delight,
together for to be;
They pass away the Winter Night,
and live most Merrily.
To the Tune of, Hey Boys up go we.

Come, come my roaring ranting Boys,
lets never be cast down,
Wel never mind the Female Toys,
but Loyal be to the Crown:
Wel never break our hearts with Care,
nor be cast down with fear,
Our bellys then let us prepare,
to drink some Christmas Beer.

Then heres a Health to Charles our King,
throughout the world admird,
[L]et us his great applauses sing,
that we so much desird,
And wisht amongst us for to Reign,
when Oliver ruld here,
But since hes home returnd again,
come fill some Christmas Beer.

These Holidays wel briskly drink,
all mirth we will devise,
No Treason we will speak or think,
then bring us brave mincd Pies:
Roast Beef and brave Plum-Porridge
our Loyal hearts to chear,
Then prithee make no more ado,
but bring us Christmas Beer.