Saturday, May 15, 2021

17C Myth - Goddess Flora - Symbol of Spring by Paulus Moreelse (1571-1638) -

Paulus Moreelse (1571-1638) - Portrait of a Young Woman as Flora 1633. Paulus Moreelse was a Dutch architect & painter, mainly of portraits. Moreelse was born & lived most of his life in Utrecht.  He also painted a few history paintings in the Mannerist style; & in the 1620s, he produced pastoral scenes of herders & shepherds. 

Spring & Summer are the perfect time to celebrate the rebirth of Earth's Beauty & Bounty.  Flowers gave beauty & inspiration to mankind's basic struggle to live & to populate & to protect his home-base, The Earth.  Holding on to The Sweet Divine - The Lord God took man & put him in the Garden of Eden to work it & to keep it...Genesis 2:15.