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Berthe Morisot (French artist, 1841-1895) Maria Boursier and Her Daughter 1874

Help needed. Paintings are being identified.

In July of the past summer, I posted these paintings, looking for help in identifying the artists and the subjects. So far, several of you have written, and I am thankful for your help.

Pollard Limner. Catherine Adams c 1719

This painting is attributed to Winthrop Chandler New England Woman c 1775 The Fenimore Art Museum in New York states, "These portraits are the only known works by Winthrop Chandler executed in pastels. With the exception of a possible portrait painting apprenticeship in Boston and about five years in Worcester, Chandler lived his entire life in Chandler Hill, Connecticut. Since Chandler did not sign any of his known works, all attributions are based on documentary evidence that relates the artist to the painting through family tradition or stylistic similarities. The subjects' piercing eyes, tightly pursed lips, beetling brows, and strongly modeled faces are characteristic features of Chandler's work." 

Just got one identified!!!! Catherine Clinton 1755-1807 (Mrs Isaac Heston) Attributed to her husband, Isaac Heston (1726-1824) Blockley Twp., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Portrait of Catherine Heston (Mrs. Isaac Heston) painted c. 1774 in Philadelphia, by her husband, appeared in the 2006-07 catalog of Peter Eaton & Joan Brownstein of Newbury, MA. The couple was married in 1774 in Philadelphia, PA, and had 7 children.

Unknown Artist. Jannetje Vrelandt Drummond of New Jersey, 1776

Random-help needed. American portrait?

Who is this woman and who painted her? She appears to be American painted between 1830 - 1840. Any ideas? Thanks. By the way, I love that little pin.

Funniest thing, must be a Halloween night thing. When I was trying to find this image by reverse searching google, the website showed me several images which it "Visually similar images" Here are 3 from that grouping.

Benjamin Franklin, by Joseph Siffred Duplessis (died 1802).

American School c 1840

Gergedan Resimleri photo from

Very interesting electronic selection. Totally different perspective.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Portraits by New Zealand-born Frances Mary Hodgkins (1869-1947)

1896 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) Fortune Teller

Frances Mary Hodgkins (1869-1947) was a painter chiefly of landscape and still lifes, and for a short period was a designer of textiles. She was born in New Zealand, but spent most of her working life in Britain. Of course, I am most interested in her fascinating figurative portraits, so that is what we will view here.

1915 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) Two Women with a Basket of Flowers

1916 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) Refugiers Belges

1922 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) Double Portrait

1929 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) The Farmer's Daughter

1930 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) Bridesmaids

1930 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) Two Children

1937 Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947) Double Portrait

Frances Hodgkins (New Zealand artist, 1869-1947)


Children by the Master of Saint George's Guild (Antwerp artist, who flourished c 1485-1504)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Evolution of American Artist & Teacher David McCosh 1903-1980

1920s David McCosh Window Washer

David McCosh was born in Cedar Rapids, IA in 1903. He studied at Iowa’s Coe College and the Art Institute of Chicago, graduating in 1926. McCosh traveled and painted for 2 years in Europe on a John Quincy Adams Scholarship exhibiting his works in a one-man show upon his return in 1929. By 1931, his works were included in shows in New York & Chicago. This initiated an active schedule of exhibitions that McCosh would sustain for over 40 years.

1926 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Captain Bernard

McCosh began his teaching career at the Art Institute of Chicago, and in the summer months, at the Stone City Art Colony in Iowa with his friend, Grant Wood. He taught at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1931-1933.

1928 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Ganster's Funeral

David McCosh and Anne Kutka of Yonkers, New York, met in the summer of 1930, when both artists were Tiffany Foundation Fellows painting in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Four years later they were married in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1930s David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Chambermaid

In 1934 after his marriage, McCosh accepted a position in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon in Eugene teaching drawing, painting, and lithography. He continued in this position until his retirement in 1970.

1931 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Girl Sewing

Unlike some other mid-20th century Northwest painters — Morris Graves, Mark Tobey, & Kenneth Callahan — McCosh was never part of a recognized school or movement and drew little national attention. McCosh’s early work expresses the modern interest in scenes of contemporary life. Gradually, his observation of nature would become the dominant focus of his work for the remainder of his painting career.

1932 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) The Foreman

Always circumspect about the idea of abstract art, McCosh remained steadfast in his belief that painting always found its basis in observation--the people, the animals, and the landscapes that surrounded him. From this perspective, McCosh’s mature, and highly personal style became a record of the visual vocabulary he developed responding to what his experienced eye had learned to see.

1932 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Woman Ironing

After his retirement in 1970, McCosh continued to live and paint in Eugene. He died in 1981.

1933 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Caller Waiting

1933 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Kutka from Yonkers, the artist's wife.

1933 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Lakeshore Swimmers in December

1933 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) North Avenue, Chicago

1934 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Men Working

1934 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) I've Got a Toothache, Self-Portrait

David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Highway in Oregon

David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Lone Sheep

1936 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Mill Pond

1937 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Grain Elevator

1940s David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Black Sun

1949 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Beach

1940 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Cactus at Noon

1950 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Celebrants

1951 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Beach Things

1959 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Goat and Fig Tree

1965 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Hillside

1966 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Burros and Cactus

1966 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Color Impression I

1968 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Crows on Beach

1969 David McCosh (American artist, 1903-1980) Abstract Landscape 1969

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Few Hungarian Women 1800s-1900s

1800s Janos Donat (Hungarian artist, 1744-1830) Young Lady

1810 Janos Donat (Hungarian artist, 1744-1830) A Woman

1818 József Czauczik (Hungarian painter, 1789-1857) Woman Fishing

1850 Jozsef Borsos (Hungarian artist, 1821-1883) Lady with a Lace Collar

1855 Friedrich von Amerling (Hungarian artist, 1803-1887) Countess Nako

1856 Jozsef Borsos (Hungarian artist, 1821-1883) Lady with Lorgnette

1868 Gyula Benczur (Hugarian artist, 1844-1920) Girl with Roses

1904 Béla Czóbel (Hungarian artist, 1883-1976) Girl by Window with Flowers

1930 Geza Bene (Hungarian artist, 1900-1960) Seated Woman

1933 Geza Bene (Hungarian artist, 1900-1960) The Artist's Wife