Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and the Full Moon

Hurricane Sandy's impact on the Atlantic Coast of the United States intensified, as it combined with the full moon at high tide.  The Hunter’s Moon, which is also known as blood moon or sanguine moon, is the name given to October’s full moon. It follows the Harvest Moon, which is September’s moon.  Historically, the brightness of the moon made it ideal for hunters at night in Northern Europe. Native Americans adopted the name, as they hunted game for the winter by its light.  (Folks sometimes confuse the Harvest Moon with the Hunter's Moon, because once every 4 years or so the Harvest Moon appears in October instead of September. When that happens, the Hunter’s Moon is in November.)  Full moons have higher than normal tides which exacerbated the hurricane's destructive force and surging seas.
Moon from Cape May Lighthouse 29th October

1920s German Women by Christian Schad 1894-1982

1923 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Marcella

Well, I am not sure that these women are at all happy, but they do seem rather independent and several appear fiercely self-assured. It was surely an unsettled time in Germany. Weimar Germany (1919–33) was creating an extreme nationalism among may citizens who were humiliated by the military defeat in the WWI(1914–18); the terms of the Treaty of Versailles; economic depression; and the swirling confusion in society. In exploiting and excusing the German military defeat, emerging Nazism created Dolchstosslegende claiming that the German war effort was internally sabotaged, by Jews, socialists, Bolshevik, the Social Democrats, and the Ebert Government. There was enough distrust, hate, decadence, and general unrest to upset anyone, even women.

1925 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Woman from Pozzuoli

1920s Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982)

1926 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Marcella

1920s Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982)

1927 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Lotte

1920s Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982)

1928 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Sonja

1929 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Maika

1930 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Friends

1930 Christian Schad (German artist, 1894–1982) Eva Von Arnheim

Self-Taught Southern Artist Reginald Mitchell (b 1960)


Reginald Mitchell is a 52 year old native of New Orleans, Louisiana, known for his slightly distorted vision of the world around him.

Physically slight & frail with a speech impediment, Reginald grew up in the harshness of public housing projects in the city.

Subject to regular teasing, taunting, & frequent run-ins with the local thugs, Reggie says, "I'm glad I'm out of there."

In the early 1990's, he began to paint scenes of New Orleans, grand southern mansions, & exotic locations.

After several years spent living in Houston, Mitchell is back living in southern Louisiana.

Usually he paints from photographs he finds in library books, magazines, and postcards.

He also paints from his immediate surroundings: food boxes, snapshots, houses in his neighborhood.

He always makes his name an integral part of his work, ritualistically painting it with the brush in one hand then going over it with the brush in the other hand.

Reginald Mitchell's expressionist paintings of architectural landmarks are explosions of color & energy.

He intuitively captures the atmosphere & energy that resonates throughout the world around him.