Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Fascinating Portrait of an American Woman from Jonas W. Holman 1805-1873

Jonas W. Holman (1805-1873) grew up in Maine. In 1824, he studied theology at Waterville (Colby) College in Maine. He moved to the Boston area by the 1830s, where he was a minister and portrait painter. He continued his education at Harvard Medical College graduating in 1843, adding physician to his list of occupations. Between 1857 & 1860, Holman lived in New York City, where he was listed as a clergyman. He also traveled to Philadelphia and Connecticut.

Exhausted already...

Paul Cezanne (French Post-Impressionist Painter. 1839-1906) Young Italian Girl Resting on Her Elbow

Some days, this is exactly how I feel.  Too much to do & too little time...

A few real women from the Late-Victorian-Era

Archibald Stuart-Wortley (Inglese artist, from 1849 to 1905) Miss Tombs

Thomas Faed (Scottish artist, 1826-1900) A Flower From Paddy's Land

August Vincent Tack (American artist, 1870-1949)

Edgar Degas (French painter, 1834-1917) Victoria Duborg, 1866

Edgar Degas (French painter, 1834-1917) Portrait Of A Young Woman c 1885

Edgar Degas (French painter, 1834-1917) Mademoiselle Dobigny 1869

Edgar Degas (French painter, 1834-1917) Woman with an Umbrella 1876

Edgar Degas (French painter, 1834-1917) Theodore Gobillard, ┼╝ona Yvesa Morisot, 1869