Saturday, December 15, 2012

Woman's Work - Tending the Fire

Platt Powell Ryder (American painter, 1821-1896) By the Hearth 1881

It is cold here this morning. The perfect time for an early morning fire.

Enoch Wood Perry (American painter, 1831-1913) Saturday Afternoon

Platt Powell Ryder (American painter, 1821-1896) Fireside Companion

Platt Powell Ryder (American painter, 1821-1896) The Grandmother

Platt Powell Ryder (American painter, 1821-1896) Fireside Mending

Portraits & Genre Paintings by Czech artist Václav Brožík 1851-1901

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Childrens' Toilette

Vaclav Brozik was born into a poor family of 7 children, which moved to the outskirts of Prague, when he was a toddler. Young Vaclav became an apprentice lithographer, but his real interest was in painting. Initially, he studied art at the Academy of Arts in Prague in 1868.  Brozik briefly moved to Germany to study painting in Dresden & Munich. But Paris was his dream. When Brozik left for Paris in 1876, he did not know a word of French, but he brought with him was 2 letters of recommendation. Within 2 years he became recognized, as he was awarded a gold medal at the Salon de Paris. He married a daughter of a wealthy art dealer in Paris, who helped him achieve success in French high society. He spent his time traveling between Prague, where he taught at the Academy from 1893, and Paris, where his family lived. In 1896, he was elected as a foreign member and the successor of John Millais in the French Academie des beaux-arts.

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Woman in Profile

 Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Family Scene

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Madame Christane Fuller

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Prvni Kruky

 Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Girl in Armchair

 Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Boy with Hoop

 Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Seated Lady

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901 Children in the Woods

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Woman in Gown

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Dreaming of Her Love

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Lady and a Greyhound c 1895

 Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901) Pasacka Hus

Václav Brožík (Czech artist, 1851-1901)  Divka