Sunday, November 23, 2014

19C & Early 20C A few European Women making music...

Pierre Auguste Renoir (French artist, 1841-1919) Woman Playing the Guitar

Pierre Auguste Renoir (French artist, 1841-1919) Young Woman at the Piano 1876

Berthe Morisot (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1895) Studying the Violin

Gustave Caillebotte (French Impressionist Painter, 1848-1894) The Piano Lesson 1881

Pierre Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist painter, 1841-1919) Woman with Guitar

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1919) The Piano Lesson 1889

William John Hennessy (Irish artist, 1839–1917) An Old Song

Hans Borchardt (German artist, 1865—1917) The Little Pianist 1897

19C & Early 20C American women making music

Mather Brown (American artist, 1861-1831) Young Woman 1801

Charles Bird King (American artist, 1785–1862) Mrs John Quincy Adams (Louisa Catherine Johnson)

Thomas Sully (American artist, 1783-1872) Lady with a Harp Eliza Ridgely 1818

Francis David Millet (American painter, 1846-1912) A Portrait of Mrs Millet 1864

Francis Day (American artist, 1863–1942) The Piano Lesson

Howard Everett Smith (American artist, 1885–1970) The Cello Recital

Donna Norine Schuster (American artist, 1883–1953) The Concert

Lee Lufkin Kaula (American artist, 1865–1957) A Quiet Ballad

Marion Boyd Allen (American artist, 1862–1941) Song Without Words

William Worcester Churchill (British American painter, 1858–1926) Girl Playing the Piano

Theodore Hassam (American Impressionist painter 1859-1935) Improvisation 1899

Theodore Robinson, (American Impressionist painter 1852-1896) Margaret Perry 1889

Theodore Robinson, (American Impressionist painter 1852-1896) Girl in Red at Piano 1888

Theodore Robinson, (American Impressionist painter 1852-1896) At The Piano 1887

Hugo Breul (American artist, 1854–1910) Leisure Hour

Julian Alden Weir (Amerian artist, 1852–1919) Idle Hours

James Carroll Beckwith (American artist, 1852-1917) Woman with a Guitar

Francis Coates Jones (American artist, 1857–1932) Lady with a Lyre

Claude Buck (American artist, 1890–1974) Seated Woman with Violin

Eugene Alexander Montgomery (American artist, 1905–2001) Melodian

Irving Ramsey Wiles. (American painter, 1861–1948) The Sonata 1889

Marguerite Stuber Pearson (American Painter, 1898-1978) Lady with a Guitar 1920

Marguerite Stuber Pearson (American Painter, 1898-1978) The Blue Danube

George Caleb Bingham (American artist, 1811-1879) Vinnie Ream 1876

Mary Neal Richardson (American artist, 1859-1937) The Violinist 1912

Donna Norine Schuster (American artist, 1883–1953) Miss Livingston at the Piano

Ellen Day Hale (American artist, 1855-1940) Musical Interlude 1910

Alice Pike Barney (American artist, 1857–1931) Natalie with a Violin

Thomas Eakins (American artist, 1844-1916) Singing a Pathetic Song Margaret Alexina Harrison sings and Susan Hannah Macdowell (whom Eakins would marry in 1884) plays the piano joined by Philadelphia cellist Charles Stolte.

Thomas Eakins (American artist, 1844-1916) The Concert Singer 1890

Julius LeBlanc Stewart (American painter, 1855-1919) Young Woman at Piano 1878

James Mc Neill Whistler (American artist, 1834-1903). At the Piano 1858-59

Charles Frederic Ulrich (American artist, 1858–1908) Moment Musicale

William Merritt Chase (American artist, 1849-1916) Girl with Guitar

Julian Alden Weir (American artist, 1852-1919) At the Piano

Thomas Eakins (American artist, 1844-1916) Elizabeth at the Piano 1875

Thomas Wilmer Dewing (American artist, 1851–1928) Young Woman with Violincello 1912

William Merritt Chase (American artist, 1849-1916) Mrs Meigs at the Piano Organ 1883

Thomas Eakins (American artist, 1844-1916) Home Scene 1871

Frank Townsend Hutchens (American artist, 1869–1937) Love Songs

19C & Early 20C American & European Women Playing (& Guarding!) Lutes and Mandolins

Jules Joseph Lefebvre (French painter, 1836-1911) Girl with a Mandolin

William Merritt Chase (American Impressionist Painter, 1849-1916) The Mandolin Player 1878

The term lute can refer generally to any plucked string instrument with a neck (either fretted or unfretted) & a deep round back. The lute is used in instrumental music from the early Renaissance to the late Baroque eras. A mandolin is similar to a lute. Early 17th-century mandolins had 6 double courses of gut strings, tuned similarly to lutes, and plucked with the fingertips. Modern mandolins—which originated in Naples, Italy in the 3rd quarter of the 18C—commonly have four double courses (4 pairs) of metal strings, which are plucked with a plectrum. It has a pear-shaped body with a deeply vaulted back, a short fretted fingerboard, and four pairs of steel strings. The American folk mandolin is a shallow, flat-backed version. It is played with a plectrum; each pair of strings is strummed rapidly back and forth to produce a characteristic tremolo.

Arvid Nyholm (1866–1927) Girl with a Lute

Berthe Morisot (1841-1895). The Mandolin

Cephas Giovanni Thompson (1809–1888) Lady with a Lute

De Scott Evans (1847–1898) Lady with a Lute

De Scott Evans (1847–1898) Woman Playing a Mandolin

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) Young Woman with a Mandolin

Thomas Eakins (1844-1916) Antiquated Music (also known as Portrait of Sarah Sagehorn Frishmuth)

Thomas Wilmer (American artist, 1851-1928) Lady with a Lute

Thomas Wilmer Dewing (1851–1938) The Lute 

William Morris Hunt (American artist, 1824–1879) Portrait of Ellen M. Brown

Edmund Tarbell (American painter, 1862-1938) Marion Hiller Fenno at Nine as Mandlinata 1887-8