Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer clothing in England 1556 & 1796

August 1781

August Fishing The Twelve Months print Carington Bowles (Published by) Robert Dighton (After) Richard Earlom (Print made by) 1781 London

August 1767

1767 August Fishing Carrington Bowles Printed for Robert Sayer, London

August 1749

 August print John June (Print made by) D Voisin (Published by) 1749 London

August 1745

Thomas Burford (British artist, 1710-1770) 1745 August Fishing

August 1678

August print Henri II Bonnart (Published by) 1678-1700 Paris

August 1580

1580 August Italian School The Labours of the Months 

August 1515

1515 August Da Costa Hours, in Latin Illuminated by Simon Bening (1484–1561) Belgium, Bruges, Moving Wheat, Binding Sheaves

August 1490

August Grimani Breviary 1490-1510 Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice