Friday, September 23, 2016

American Women in Small Boats

Winslow Homer (1836-1910) A Girl in a Punt

Louis Lang (American artist, 1814–1893) Reminiscenes of Lake Mahopac New York Ladies Preparing for a Boat Race

Winslow Homer (American artist, 1836-1910) Towing the Boat

Guy Orlando Rose (American painter, 1867-1925) On River's Edge 1910

William H Lippencott (American artist, 1849-1920)

Karl Albert Buehr (German-born American artist, 1866–1952) Young Girl in a Boat

Francis Coates Jones (American artist, 1857-1932) Women in a Rowboat

Colin Campbell Cooper (American artist, 1856-1937) Summer 1918

Edmund Charles Tarbell (American artist, 1862–1938) Study for Mother and Child in a Boat 1892

Frederick Childe Hassam (American artist, 1859-1935) The White Dory 1895

 Alfred Thompson Bricher (American painter, 1837-1908) ) The Artist's Wife in a Boat 1881 detail

Theodore Robinson (American artist, 1852-1896) Miss Motes and her Dog Shep, 1893

Alfred Thompson Bricher (American painter, 1837-1908) Drifting 1886

Charles Courtney Curran (Amercian artist, 1861-1942)  Lotus Lilies

Carl Bohnen (American artist, 1871–1951) Woman in a Rowboat

Jerome B. Thompson (American genre painter, 1814-1886) On the River 1867

Madonnas attributed to Bernardino Luini, Italian High Renaissance Painter, c 1480-1532

Bernardino Luini (Northern Italian painter, c 1480-2-1532)The Madonna of the Carnation

Bernardino Luini (Northern Italian painter, c 1480-2-1532) Madonna Nursing 1520s

Bernardino Luini (Italian High Renaissance Painter, c 1480-1532) Madonna and Child

Bernardino Luini (c 1480-1532) The Virgin Carrying The Sleeping Child With Three Angels

Bernardino Luini (Northern Italian painter, c 1480-2-1532) The Holy Family

In this blog, I try to begin each day with a painting of the Madonna & Child. It centers me; connects me to the past; & encourages me to post some of the religious paintings which were a large part of the core of early Western art.  In the 4C, as the Christian population was rapidly growing & was now supported by the state, Christian art evolved & became grander to suit new, enlarged public spaces & the changing contemporary tastes of elite private clients.