Friday, January 6, 2017

A few winter hats - William Glackens 1870-1938

 William Glackens (1870-1938) 1914 CafĂ© Lafayette (Portrait of Kay Laurel)

 William Glackens (1870-1938) Miss Olga D

 William Glackens (1870-1938) The Shoppers [1907–08]

 William Glackens (1870-1938) Woman In Blue Hat

 William Glackens (1870-1938) Green Turban

 William Glackens (1870-1938) Portrait of a Lady

 William Glackens (1870-1938) Seated Woman with Fur Neckpiece and Red Background

 William Glackens (1870-1938) The Brunette 

 William Glackens (1870-1938) The Green Bonnet

 William Glackens (1870-1938) Woman with Feather in Turban c 1912

William Glackens (1870-1938) Woman with a Green Hat

 William Glackens (1870-1938) Woman In Blue Hat

William Glackens(1870-1938) Woman with a Fur Coat 1929