Friday, July 11, 2014

Fashion! - Swiss artist Jakob Emanuel Handmann 1718-1781 paints Turquerie

Jakob Emanuel Handmann (Swiss artist, 1718-1781)  Unknown lady 1775

Jakob Emanuel Handmann was the 9th child of Johann Jakob Handmann, a baker in Waldenburg, & his wife Anna Maria Rispach. Between 1735 & 1739, he apprenticed in Schaffhausen with the painter & stucco plasterer Johann Ulrich Schnetzler. The young artist then traveled to Paris, Rome & Naples. In Paris, he worked at the studio of Jean Restout II. In 1742, Handmann worked in France with Hörling Handmann painting the heads of the sitters. Later he worked in the studios of Marco Benefial & Pierre Subleyras in Rome. There he produced commercial copies of masterpieces from the Classical Antiquity & Renaissance periods.  By June 1746, he was back in Switzerland; and in 1747, he settled down in Basel, where he opened his own studio.

Jakob Emanuel Handmann (Swiss artist, 1718-1781) Philippine Fellenberg

Jakob Emanuel Handmann (Swiss artist, 1718-1781) Lady in Turkish dress 1775

Jakob Emanuel Handmann (Swiss artist, 1718-1781) Catherine Augusta Lerber Sturler