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Inventory of the White House February 1809 just before Thomas Jefferson returned to Monticello

1805 Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) Portrait of Thomas Jefferson 

Thomas Jefferson was President of the United Stated from March 4, 1801 – March 4, 1809.  In anticpation of his March return to Monticello, he had an inventory made of the contents of the President's House, the White House, in Washington DC.  This is that inventory:

Inventory of President’s House, 19 February 1809

Store Room in the Garret
7. Pair of best brass andirons.
32. Brass. Carpet rods. 1. Pair Iron Dogs.

Store Room no. 2.
1. Plateau in five parts with a set of ornaments
5. Brass lamps— 2 vase lamps. 1. Cabbin lamp
3. Glass sconces out of order
1. Mahogany Table & large clothes basket
12 pillars & 2 childrens Mattresses. 2. Bolsters
2. large fire tenders. 2. pair large Brass Andirons
1. large Brussels carpet
8. cotton blankets
2. Old arm Chairs
1. Mahogany Table & remnants of Brussels carpet.

North West Corner—Lady’s Dressing room.
4. Night Tables and 8. Mahogany Chairs
a small bundle of Old Curtains

Large Room—North Side.
1. elegant bedstead with white dimity curtains, bed mattress, counterpane & bolster
2. Chints window Curtains
1. Sofa 12. fashionable Chairs, crimson and Gold
2. Mahogany Tables. 1. wash stand. 1 looking Glass.
1 elegant Lady’s dressing Table 1. toilet with trimmings
Brussels Carpet on the floor— 1 Stool to ascend the Bed.

Presidents Dressing Room
11. Chairs Crimson and Gold
3. Suits dimity window Curtains with cornices
1. Bidet and a mahogany Table. common Carpet on floor.

Passage adjoining the Presidents Bed Room
8. fashionable Chairs—crimson and Gold
1. large Mahogany Wardrobe.
1. elegant Couch with mattress & furniture
1. Mahogany window Stool. a Brussels carpet on the floor

President’s Bed Room
Beadstead, Mattress, Bed, Bolster, pair of sheets.
Blanket & counterpane— Bed curtains with cornice
2. Suits of dimity window curtains with cornice
1. Bureau 1. dressing & one looking Glass.
1. Small Mahogany Table and wash Stand.
5. fashionable Chairs—crimson and Gold.
1. window Stool stuffed Seat & white dimity cover
2. Mahogany wash Stands
3. Prints—Washington— Adams. Jefferson.
a Machine to hang Clothes on.
1. Mahogany fire screen— Brussels carpet on the floor.

Large Chamber—South front.
1. large Mahogany Couch, mattress with dimity cover
14. Mahogany Chairs— crimson damask bottoms
2. Small Mahogany Sofa’s covered with hair cloth.
3. Small Mahogany Tables.— 1. looking Glass.
2. Suits dimity window Curtains with cornice

Lady’s Drawing Room.
22. Mahogany Chairs Crimson Damask bottoms
5. Crimson Damask window curtains with cornice
2. Mahogany Sofa’s—crimson bottoms
4. Girandoles with elegant brass lamps.
1. elegant Glass Chandelier
2. large looking Glasses. 1. pair Mahogany Card Tables
7. pieces elegant Chimney ornaments.
a Brussels Carpet.

Large Bed Room—South front.
1. elegant Mahogany bedstead, bed, mattress & cotton counterpane, chints curtains & elegant cornice
12. fashionable Chairs. Gold and Green.
1. Mahogany wardrobe.
an elegant Mahogany commode.
2. Small Mahogany Tables & wash stand
1. looking Glass and dressing Glass.
2. Suits dimity window curtains with cornice
Brussels Carpet & wire fender.

Small bed Room—South front.
1. Beadstead. 2. Beds—chints curtains and cornice
1. Suit chints window curtains with cornice
5. fashionable Chairs—Gold & Green
2. Small Mahogany Tables & wash stand
1. Mahogany side board— 1 looking Glass.
1. Machine for hanging clothes on
1. large easy Chair with chints cover.
1. Night Table and an elegant Brussels carpet.

Dressing Room adjoining the above.
8. fashionable Chairs—green & Gold.
1. chints window curtain with cornice
Toilet Table and common carpet.

Bed Chamber—South east Corner.
1. Mahogany bed Stead, bed, mattress, counterpane
white dimity curtains gilt cornice
5. fashionable Chairs Green and Gold.
1. Small Mahogany Table and wash Stand
a toilet table & dressing Glass.
3. Suits Chints window Curtains with cornice
one Night table & common Carpet.
Great passage on the second floor.
2. Suits Circular window Curtains—yellow
35. Mahogany Chairs—1. Mahogany Table.
2. large passage Lamps.
common carpet covering the whole.

Principal Stairs—
Carpet covering the whole.

Private Stairs & passage—
Common carpet and small Globe lamp

Bed Chamber—North front.—
Bedstead, bed, mattress, pair of sheets, cotton counterpane— chints curtain and cornice—
6. fashionable chairs—black and Gold.
1. elegant Mahogany commode & small mahogany Table—
1. Chints window curtain with cornice
Brussels carpet.

Dressing Room attached to the above
6. fashionable chairs—Gold and Green.
1. Mahogany wardrobe.
1. Lady’s elegant Mahogany table. wash Stand & Glass.
common carpet.
1. large mahogany Table.
a Machine for hanging clothes on
a Childs small mahogany bedstead with curtains

Bed Chamber—North front.
1. elegant Mahogany bedstead, bed, bolster mattress and counterpane, white dimity curtains
Chints drapery and Gilt cornice
6. fashionable Chairs—blue and Gold.
1. Mahogany Bureau & small table
1. Toilet Table, dressing Glass & wash stand— night Table
Looking Glass and Brussels carpet.
Dimity window curtains with cornice

Presidents Cabinet—.
6. Small mahogany paper cases.
Small mahogany Writing Tables.
3. long Mahogany Tables covered with green cloth.
2. mahogany window stools covered with hair cloth
1. set of Mahogany Steps for library
1. Letter press. a Desk and Book case.
1. large folding screen & wash stand—
12. Chairs—black and Gold.
1. Sofa & two Mahogany arm chairs
shovel Tongs and Poker.

Presidents Sitting Room
2. elegant Girandoles.
2. Glass shades and a looking Glass.
2. Mantel ornaments. an elegant time piece
1. Globe Inkstand
3. Sofa’s covered with black hair cloth
an elegant Mahogany drink Table with a Marble Top
1. Mahogany card Table & two Small Tables.
a Chinese pipe
16. fashionable Chairs—black and Gold.
2. Suits elegant window Curtains with cornice
1. elegant Brussels carpet and fire rug—

Presidents Drawing room
5. Suits Chints window curtains with cornice
4. Elegant Girandoles & Glass lustres
1. large chandelier and 2. Glass shades.
3. alabaster Chimney ornaments.
2. china and Silver Do.—.
a full length Picture of Genl. Washington—Gilt frame
4. large Mahogany Sofa’s covered with hair Cloth
24. fashionable Chairs—blue and Gold.
2. large Mahogany Card Tables.
2. Square Mahogany Tables with leaves.
an elegant Brussels Carpet— Shovel. tongs— poker.

Small Dining Room—S. front.
1. large Mahogany Dumb waiter
4.  Small   do.
1. extra large Mahogany Dining Table in 6. pieces.
1. Small dining Table in three parts.
1. large Mahogany Square Table.
15. Chairs black and Gold.
1. elegant side board with pedestals & urn knife cases.
2. Glass Cases. to Contain the Silver & plated ware
3. fire Screens. 2. elegant Girandoles and
2. Looking Glasses.
1. Oval breakfast Table
2. Suits of chints window curtains and cornice
a canvass floor cloth, painted Green.
2. large green cloth covers for the dining Tables.
3. large Japaned Waiters—

Silver Ware in the Small Dining Room
6. Casseroles with dishes—silver.
2. bread baskets
1. Small Globe Coffe Urn—Silver.
2. large Punch Urns & Ladles. Silver.
1. large Sugar Pot & Cream Pot. Silver
3. large Castors—Silver.
10. Salt Stands Silver.
8. large Ragout Spoons
5. gravy Spoons.
5. Soup ladles—1. small cart
18. french Table Spoons & forks.
32. french Tea Spoons.
82. Table Spoons.
38. dessert Spoons.
1. Tea pot, Cream pot. Sugar pot. Silver.
4. Doz: Common Tea Spoons.
2. fish trowels Silver— 2. Cream Spoons.
13. french Knives— 2. Doz: fruit Knives
8. Bottle Stands.
1. pair elegant Tea & Coffee Urns—Plated ware
1. large and 2. small common urns.
2. large waiters. 1. pair Chamber Candlesticks
2. Sallad dishes with glasses
8. small waiters— 8. coolers—4. oval—4. round
16. Goblets— 3. Can’s. 3. Dish warmers.
10. Barrel tumblers
8. candlesticks with branches.
1. candlestick with a double Lamp.
2. branches on the side board.
1. Castor. 2. Silver Terrines— 2. Silver Pudding Dishes

Secretary’s Bedroom.
1. Mahogany bedstead, bed, Mattress & dimity curtain
1. Counterpane & a pair of Sheets—
2. Suits of window Curtains—chints
1. Mahogany Bureau & wash Stand.
a common carpet. 3. common chairs 1. looking Glass

Secretarys Office
2. large cases for Papers.
2. Suits chints window curtains
7. Arm Chairs—black and gold
1. Mahogany table covered with green cloth
1. Common Carpet, fire rug— shovel tongs & poker.

Large Unfinished Room—East end
34. armed Chairs black and Gold.
1. Mahogany Side Table.— 1. Cooler.
1. Table & Kettles for washing Tumblers. &c
1. large Dumb waiter
1. pair large Brass Andirons.

The Great Hall of entrance
2. side Tables.
2. large Mahogany Tables with leaves
3. elegant Globe lamps—8. fire Buckets.
2. Suits window Curtains with Cornice
4. Girandoles with Brass lamps.
1. Eight day Clock
4. Common Settee’s
28. Mahogany Chairs with hair cloth bottoms
the whole floor covered with canvass painted Green

Large Dining Room—N.W. Corner.
1. elegant side board with pedestals & urns.
2.    Do. Common—
1. Large Dumb Waiter
2. Japaned plate warmers.
3. Mahogany Knife Cases. 1. Dining Table.
1. fire Screen— 2. Japaned Costers
2. plated Candlesticks with branches.
2.  Do. ....   without branches.
3. Alabaster Chimney Ornaments
2. elegant Girandoles.
5. Suits dimity window curtains with cornice
15. fashionable Chairs—black and Gold
an elegant Brussels carpet.
3. fire Shovels and three pair of Tongs.

Small Room—North Side
1. pair of Plated candlesticks with branches.
2. pair of brass Lamps.
3. pair of high plated Candlesticks
3. Do. .... of Chamber Do. ..
1. pine Closet and 2. large common Tables.
1. fender—tongs and Poker.
1. Common waiter & 1. small looking Glass.
2. Coal Scuttles & a lanthern
painted floor cloth.
1. Suit Common Curtains with cornice

Stewards Room—
3. common Mahogany Tables.
1. Desk and Book case.
1. Bedstead, Bed, Mattress bolster Pillar
Sheets, Blanket & counterpane with old Chints Curtains—
1. Bureau & small round Table.
3. pair of brass candlesticks
5. Japaned Waiters. 7. Common Chairs.
3. Mahogany Chairs covered with hair cloth
1. Looking Glass & 2. common window curtains
10. pair of blankets packed up
7. pair of servants Blankets
13. Vase Lamps. 3. tongs & 3. Pokers.
1. Warming Pan— 1. foot Stove— 4. Ice moulds.
4. Coolers. 3. Shovels. 5. Copper bound buckets
1. Box to put french spoons in
1. Trunk of Calico furniture of various kinds—

Servants Room—S. side—
Cot. Bed and Sheets— 1. large Pine Table.
1. pine Desk & an old Chair.

Room adjoining.—
1. Bedstead, bed & sheets with curtains
3. Common chairs & a walnut night Table—
1. Mattress 1. Pillar. 1. Rug. 1. pair of brass andirons
1. fender— 2. old window curtains & an old Table—

Room adjoining—
1. bedstead, bed, bolster and rug
2. pine Tables. & 5. common Chairs
3. Mahogany trays—2. plate Baskets.
2.    Coal Scuttles—

Room ajoining—
10. Dining Table cloths 6. Do. Breakfast. Do.
19—  fine Sheets. 4. Doz: Diaper Napkins
11. pair Servants Sheets.
1. Bedstead, bed, Mattress, bolster & curtains
5. Common Chairs & an old Pine Table.
8. Servants table cloths—

Room adjoining.—
1. bedstead, bed, coverlid & curtains
1. Mahogany Wardrobe and looking Glass.
6. Old Chairs and a pine Table.
20. fine Pillar Cases.

Wash House—
2. large Pine Tables. Clothes Horse, tubs, Buckets &c
2. large Copper boilers & brass wash kettle—
1. large screw press for linen—
1. Bedstead and Mattress.
1. Bedstead, bed & coverlid
1. Bedstead, bed & coverlid

Passage Lower Story
2. lamps and 2. Pine Cases.

2. large Grates— 2. Coal Scuttles.
1. Large Meat heater— 1. eight day Clock.
a large quantity of copper & tin ware &c
Another Room Ajoining the Kitchen
1. Bedstead, bed and coverlid
1. Chair and an old Pine Table.

2. large Punch Bowls. 2. Terrines for Soup.
16. Dishes different sizes— 3. Do. round Pudding
52. Plates—16. Do. for Soup. 30. Do. Dessert.
18. Coffee Cups & Saucers.
18. Tea Cups Do.—2 Small cream Terrines—
2. Sauce bowls. 24. Saucers.
3. Gilt Teapots. 4. blue gilt bowls for preserves.
6.    different sizes Glass.
8. dishes for apples.—compote dishes
30. Decanters—9. water bottles. 4. Do. Small
72. Tumblers. 75. Jelly Glasses.
72. Wine Glasses.
13. Oval Crystals for sweet meats
27. Do. Do.   Small.
48. wine Glasses.
20. liqueur Glasses.
2. Water Pitchers—

Common China—
8. Tea cups and Saucers.
3. Blue China Terrines
34. blue China Dishes
74. blue China Soup plates—
76 flat plates—blue China
78. blue China Dessert Plates.
76 Do.   smaller.
18. Do. Custard Cups.
5. Do. Sauce terrines.
6. oval sauce bowls.
4. round Pudding Dishes
9 Chamber Pots.
8. Water Pitchers & Basons.

Earthen Ware—
9. Chamber Pots.
12. Common Plates.
7. deep Pudding Dishes
42. Common Plates.
30.  Do. Smaller.
10. wash Basons.

Kitchen furniture
69— different Pieces.—
6. Iron Pots.

Kitchen furniture
of Copper.
 1. large kettle for washing Stew pans
31. Stew pans (casseroles) with handles. different sized.
31. Covers Do.   Do.
1. large Skillet for preserves.
2. round Casseroles with lids
1. Oval Do— .... do.— 1. English fish Kettle Do— 1. French Do— .... Do.
4. Pots (Marmite) different sizes Do—
2.  Copper Sheets
2.  Do. Deep.
4. Oval Pudding Dishes.
1. Dripping Pan.
2. pair of scales.—
Assortment of moulds for different things of Tin—
of Copper.
2. Ladles.
2. Do. with holes (percé)
2. Skimmers.
2. Tea Kettles.
1. Great boiler—
1. Grid iron for Oysters.
2. Do.     for Meat.
2. Dutch Ovens
2. frying Pans.
1. Cleaver.
1. Iron Boiler
3. Spits with their Skewers.
5. Chevrettes—(hand Irons).
1. Coal Shovel.
2. large Tongs
1. Cake Iron.
1.    Grate Do.
1. Coffee toaster
1. Coffee Mill—.
1. Poker.
1. Roasting stand
1 marble mortar
1.  Kitchen Screen
   fire Jack—.

U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 
DLC: Papers of Thomas Jefferson.

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February, 1843 End of the World Prediction in Canada

Sarah Terwilligar’s attempt to fly to heaven as the world is to come to an end, from Upper Canada Sketches by Thomas Conant, 1898.

Thomas Conant, in his 1898 book, Upper Canada Sketches, details how people in East Whitby and Area thought the world was going to end in February of 1843.  Conant wrote:

“The “Millerite scare,” as it might be called, was another instance of the extent to which religious fanatics could influence their hearers and affect their lives. From some manuscript left by my mother, and the account given me by my father, and by my uncle, David Annis, I have gleaned the following anecdotes of this curious event in our country:  

“During the Winter of 1842-3 the Second Adventists, or Millerites, were preaching that the world would be all burnt up in February, 1843. Nightly meetings were held, generally in the school-houses.

“Sarah Terwilligar, who lived about a mile east of Oshawa “corners,” on the Kingston Road, made for herself wings of silk, and, on the night of 14th of February, jumped off the porch of her home, expecting to fly heavenward. Falling to the ground some fifteen feet, she was shaken up severely and rendered wholly unfit to attend at all to the fires that were expected to follow the next day.”

The apocalypse was to have begun at two o'clock in the morning, at which time the fresh February snow would have turned to blood and started to burn. The Millerites were a bit off in their prediction.

And as for Sarah Terwilligar clad in her diaphanous gown, truly a woman with an instinct for attractive adornment under every circumstance, she broke her leg.

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No snow today but still chilly - 1930s Depression - Central Park in New York City

Carl Gustaf Nelson (American artist, 1898-1988) Central Park, 1934

Neither the cold of winter nor the gloom of the Great Depression kept the children of New York City from enjoying Central Park, the city’s greatest green space. Artist Carl Nelson reported that he had almost as much fun as the children, drawing by the hour despite the chill of February 1934. When his hands got cold, Nelson recalled, he “would go to the monkey house in the Central Park Zoo to warm up.”

Nelson shows the park on a weekday afternoon full of mothers taking their toddlers out to play, while the older children are in school. The southern end of the park, near the elegant hotels in the background, was designed for children. They could romp on the playground, ride the carousel, or play games in the Children’s Cottage. A little girl in an orange coat feeds the squirrels. Nelson’s idyllic image does not include the grimmer reality farther north in Central Park; where homeless people squatted in a shantytown or “Hooverville,” as they waited for better times.

From The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC

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Incessant rains now melting the snow...

James Gillray (English caricaturist, 1756-1815) A Squall 1810

Still too much snow...

 1300s Snowball fight in Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Douce 135. Book of Hours, Use of Rome.

 1390-1400 Snowball fight in Tacuinum Sanitatis (BnF NAL 1673)

 1405-10 Fresco depicting January at Castello Buonconsiglio, Trento, Italy, c. 1405-1410  b.

 1405-10 Fresco depicting January at Castello Buonconsiglio, Trento, Italy, c. 1405-1410.

Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry 1400s Limbourg brothers’ illustration for February. 

 1510 Snowball fight in Walters Art Museum, W42512R. Flemish

1650s David Teniers the Younger (Flemish artist, 1610–1690) Winter

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There is something alluring about a black squirrel in the snow

Watching the prudent squirrels scampering over leaves and little piles of snow in our woods here in Maryland, I am remembering the great American Mid West, where I saw beautiful black squirrels.  Here in the Chesapeake, we are most accustomed to seeing the very busy Eastern Grey Squirrels.  We have some red squirrels here in our part of Maryland, but the grey are more common.

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Valentine's Day - Couples by Sheldon Peck 1797-1868 in 19C Anerica

Sheldon Peck (American artist 1797-1868). Samuel and Eunice Judkins of Ulster County, NY

Sheldon Peck, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Peck, was born in Cornwall, Vermont. He married Harriet Corey in 1824.  Peck was an itinerant, self-taught painter. In 1828, he moved to a farm in Jordan, Onandaga County, New York, and began to paint with brighter colors. He continued to paint half & three-quarter length portraits on wood panels and often added highly detailed settings and an occasional landscape in the background. In 1836, Sheldon moved to Chicago. It was here that Sheldon tried to find success as a portraitist, but the economy was working against his success in Chicago.

Sheldon Peck (American painter, 1797-1868) Portrait of the Crane family, Aurora, Illinois

The economic panic of 1837 left few clients for Peck. It was then that the Peck family sold their Chicago property for a wagon & a team of oxen and they moved 20 miles west of Chicago to a town called Babcock's Grove, the former name of Lombard . The family pre-empted approximately 80 acres of land, eventually gaining a land grant signed by President John Tyler in 1843, having purchased it for $1.25 an acre. Here Peck became a farmer and community leader opening a school for his own & other children. Peck was an abolitionist; and there is some evidence, that his house was a stop on the underground railroad. At the end of the farming season, he traveled painting portraits, and used canvas instead of wood panels. He also made many of his own frames.

Sheldon Peck (American painter, 1797-1868) Mr and Mrs William Vaughan of Aurora, Illinois

Art historians tell us, that Peck had three distinct artistic periods: The Vermont period (1820-1827), The New York period (1828-1836) and the Illinois period (after 1836). While in Illinois, Peck found success as a farmer, a community education leader and portraitist.  An 1840 census listed Sheldon Peck's occupation as farmer. The 1850 census recorded his occupation as a portrait painter, as he was working on portraits for a family named Tharp in Pekin, Illinois. Harriet Peck, his wife, was known to produce cheese for the local market. By 1853, the family had grown to 10 children. Peck lived on the family farm, until he died of pneumonia on March 19, 1868.

Valentine's Day - Photos of Real Housewives & their mates in 19C America