Friday, November 7, 2014

1500s-1700s Women depicted as Peace in prints

 Marcantonio (Italian printmaker, c 1470-1482-1527-1534) Peace

 Heinrich Aldegrever (German printmaker, c 1501-2-1555-61) Virtues & Vices - Peace

Jacques de Gheyn II (Dutch artist, 1565-1629) Virtues and Vices - Peace

 Thomas Burford (British painter, c.1710-79) Peace 1749

 Robert Pyle (British painter, fl c 1760-68) Peace

 Philip Dawe (British printmaker, fl c. 1750-91) Peace 1770

 Anonymous British, Peace 1798

 John Evans (British publisher and printer, fl 1790s-1820s) Peace 1798

 John Fairburn (British printer, fl 1789-1840l) Peace 1798

P Stampa (British printer, fl 1798-1817) Peace 1798

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