Wednesday, February 18, 2015

19C & Early 20C A few European Women making music...

Pierre Auguste Renoir (French artist, 1841-1919) Woman Playing the Guitar

Pierre Auguste Renoir (French artist, 1841-1919) Young Woman at the Piano 1876

Berthe Morisot (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1895) Studying the Violin

Gustave Caillebotte (French Impressionist Painter, 1848-1894) The Piano Lesson 1881

Pierre Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist painter, 1841-1919) Woman with Guitar

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1919) The Piano Lesson 1889

William John Hennessy (Irish artist, 1839–1917) An Old Song

Hans Borchardt (German artist, 1865—1917) The Little Pianist 1897