Thursday, February 12, 2015

1700s Music Parties Indoors

 1720 Marcellus Laroon II (British artist, A 1679-1772) Musical Assembly

 1734 John Theodore Heins Senior (German artist, 1697–1756) A Music Party at Melton Constable

 Attributed to Hendrick Goovaerts (1669–1720) A Party with Music & Actors

 Gawen Hamilton (British artist, 1697–1737) A Music Party The Mathias Family 1730s

 Jean-Antoine Watteau (French artist, 1684–1721) A Music Party (L'amour au théâtre italien)

 Music Party after William Hogarth 1720-1730

 The Leslie Conversation Piece (A Musical Rivalry) 1760-65 by an unknown Irish artist

Vincenzo Vita (Italian artist, d 1782) A Musical Party 1770-80


  1. This is a wonderful post on a subject which is dear to my heart. I have tried to highlight in my own blog,, the ways in which music was actually used by people, not just as concert material or notes on paper. Here you have given a series of dramatic illustrations of exactly that. Thank you so much!

  2. This Blog is great! I'm preparing for a presentation on possible musical parties in London during the 1750s. Your selections are so helpful