Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1700s Music Parties Indoors

 1720 Marcellus Laroon II (British artist, A 1679-1772) Musical Assembly

 1734 John Theodore Heins Senior (German artist, 1697–1756) A Music Party at Melton Constable

 Attributed to Hendrick Goovaerts (1669–1720) A Party with Music & Actors

 Gawen Hamilton (British artist, 1697–1737) A Music Party The Mathias Family 1730s

 Jean-Antoine Watteau (French artist, 1684–1721) A Music Party (L'amour au théâtre italien)

 Music Party after William Hogarth 1720-1730

 The Leslie Conversation Piece (A Musical Rivalry) 1760-65 by an unknown Irish artist

Vincenzo Vita (Italian artist, d 1782) A Musical Party 1770-80