Thursday, November 23, 2023

1793 Samuel Lane (1718-1806) Thankful in 18C New Hampshire

 Samuel Lane's Home in Stratham, New Hampshire.

One of my favorite looks at Thanksgiving in Early America was written on Thursday, November 21, 1793 by 75 year old Samuel Lane  (1718-1806) of Stratham, New Hampshire.

"As I was musing on my Bed being awake as Usual before Daylight;  recollecting the Many Mercies and good things I enjoy for which I ought to be thankful this Day;

The Life & health of myself and family, and also of so many of my Children,  grand Children and great grandchildren...

for my Bible and Many other good and Useful Books,  Civil and Religious Priviledges...

for my Land,  House and Barn and other Buildings,  & that they are preserv'd from fire & other accidents.

for my wearing Clothes to keep me warm,  my Bed & Bedding to rest upon.

for my Cattle,  Sheep & Swine & other Creatures,  for my support.

for my Corn, Wheat,  Rye Grass and Hay;  Wool,  flax,  Syder,  Apples,  Pumpkins,  Potatoes,  cabages,  tirnips, Carrots,  Beets,  peaches and other fruit.

For my Clock and Watch to measure my passing time by Day and by Night.

Wood,  Water,  Butter,  Cheese,  Milk,  Pork,  Beefe,  & fish, &c.

for Tea,  Sugar,  Rum,  Wine,  Gin,  Molasses,  peper,  Spice &  Money for to bye other Necessaries and to pay my Debts and Taxes &c.

for my lether,  Lamp oyl &  Candles,  Husbandry Utensils, & other tools of every sort...

Bless the Lord O my Soul and all that is within me Bless his holy Name..."

When Samuel Lane was born on October 6, 1718, in Hampton, New Hampshire, his father Joshua, a shoemaker, was 22 & his mother, Bathsheba Robie, was 22. Samuel expanded his childhood training to become a shoemaker into a thriving shoemaking business & other enterprises employing others. Samuel died on December 29, 1806, in Stratham, New Hampshire, at age 88, & was buried there.